This guide will help new users to quickly setup our QSMP-1510.

Detailed information about the QSMP solder-in module itself are available on our website.


First Steps

After connecting the power your board will boot into U-Boot.

To get terminal access read the next section(s).

TTL to USB Terminal Connection

See our FAQ: ttl-terminal-connection.

Next Steps

Installing the OS

The pre-compiled Image files to flash the QSMP module are located in our Download Area. They contain a headless and a Desktop environment.

Download the Images and proceed with the STM32CubeProgrammer.


After programming you might receive the following error(s):

** Cannot find mtd partition "UBI"
ubi0 error: ubi_attach_mtd_dev: failed to attach mtd3, error -22
UBI error: cannot attach mtd3
UBI error: cannot initialize UBI, error -22
UBI init error 22

To fix these erros run the following command in U-Boot prompt and re-program the module:

QSMP U-Boot> mtd erase UBI

Next Step Software

Topic Description
Linux Guide

This guide refers to the use of images built with Yocto NXP BSP.

Go to: Software Documentation -> TXMP/QSMP -> Mainline BSP

Customizing the BSP

If you want to use our Yocto Layer, or want to create your own customized Linux distribution.

Go to: Yocto Guide

Next Step Hardware

Topic Description
QS Developers Guide

QS-Standard pinout, description and layout guidelines.

Go to: Hardware Documentation -> QS-GUIDE