TXRZ on Mainboard 7


This guide will help new users to quickly use our TXRZ Linux Development Kit.

Detailed information about the TXRZ module itself are available on our website.

Booting, First steps

After connecting the 5V DC power your board will power up.

Your module might be pre-programmed with a minimal Linux, or just has U-Boot programmed. To get serial terminal access connect the RS232 cable.

Terminal Connection

See our FAQ: TTL Converter Terminal Connection.

You should be able to adapt it for the RS232 cable, which usually appears as /dev/ttyS0.

Next Steps

(Re-)Installing the OS

Pre-compiled Image files to flash the TXRZ Development Kit are located in our Download Area. They contain different environments, e.g. a minimal and a desktop environment.

Download the images and proceed with the Flashing RZ/G2L Boards.

Customizing the OS

If you want to use our Yocto Layer, or want to create your own customized Linux distribution, have a look at our Yocto Guide.

Display support

The TXRZ attached to Mainboard 7 supports parallel displays.


The GLYN TFT Family Concept ist fully supported by our TXRZ on Mainboard 7.

Further Documentation

See the Mainboard 7 PDF Documentation.