Mainline Yocto Zeus Guide

Supported Machines

  • QSMP Series
  • TXMP Series
  • TX6 Series
  • TXUL Series

Current Release

Linux 5.7.1 KARO-2020-12-01

What’s New


  • QSMP-1510 support
  • Poky layer multivol_ubi support
  • Replaced udev by mdev


  • QT5 support with karo-image-qt5 for cross-compilation with QT Creator


For the above mentioned machines Yocto version of Zeus is the our currently used version, older versions are not recommended for further use.



The Image for our NAND modules has grown in size and thus isn’t compatible with our older default NAND partitioning scheme.
Please be aware of that when you try to upgrade to the newer version of the karo minimal rootfs as given by karo-image-minimal.