This guide describes how to start Debian Stretch Net-Installer with MFGTool.

  1. Go to our Download Area and download the (if you don’t have it already).
  2. Also download
  3. Unpack the custom folder.

Mfgtools-TX6-2018-08-DEBIAN-NETINSTALLER contains a custom folder which can be copied onto an existing Mfgtools-TX6-2018-08 installation.

  1. Start MfgToolSetup


Use MfgToolSetup to set up with the options listed below. General instructions how to set up MFGTool are shown at Mfgtool.


Choose debian-netinstaller.env. This file includes the required environment settings:

bootcmd_mmc=setenv autostart no;run bootargs_mmc;ext2load mmc 0 ${kerneladdr} vmlinuz;ext2load mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr} initrd.img
bootz_cmd=bootz ${kerneladdr} ${loadaddr}:${filesize} ${fdtaddr}
bootcmd=run bootcmd_${boot_mode} bootz_cmd
default_bootargs=setenv bootargs console=ttymxc0,115200 rw quiet panic=1 ${append_bootargs}
  • Debian uses ext4 for the rootfs and needs it to be writeable.
  • ${kerneladdr} is automatically added by MfgTool 8MiB below ${loadaddr}
  • bootz is used instead of bootm


Choose a dtb which matches your module and baseboard:

DTB filename Used for
imx6q-tx6-nand TX6Q-1030, TX6Q-1130
imx6q-tx6-emmc TX6Q-1036
imx6dl-tx6-nand TX6U-8030/8130, TX6S-8034/8134
imx6dl-tx6-emmc TX6U-8033/8133, TX6S-8035/8135
imx6qp-tx6-emmc TX6Q-8037/8137
imx6ul-txul-nand TXUL-5010
imx6ul-txul-emmc TXUL-5011
imx6ull-txul-emmc TXUL-8013

Kernel and kernel modules

Choose the right kernel. The file naming is the same as for DTB above.

Initrd RAM disk

Choose: initrd.gz