QS Standard Pinout

Pins Function
1-4 SPI
5-10 I2C
11-14 CAN
15-18 SAI
19-35 Ethernet
36-39 SD Interface
43-48 USB
49-52 Power Supply, Reset and Boot mode
53-76 18-bit RGB Display Interface
53-72 Camera
77-78 Backlight and Display Control
79-88 MIPI DSI Display
89-96 UART
97-100 SPI

The following terminology is used to describe columns for the tables located below.

Term Description
I Input
O Output
I/O Bi-directional Input/Output Pin
3V3 I/O type: CMOS 3.3V
power Power supply pin
USB Universal Serial Bus differential pair signals In compliance with the Universal Serial Bus Specification 2.0
NC Not Connected
PU Pull-up resistor