QS Standard Contact Assignments

Pins Funktion
1-4 SPI
5-10 I2C
11-14 CAN
19-35 Ethernet
36-39 SD Interface
43-48 USB
49-52 Power Supply, Reset and Boot mode
53-76 18-bit RGB Display Interface
77-78 Backlight and Display Control
79-88 MIPI/LVDS Display Interface
89-96 UART
97-100 SPI

Signal names beginning with a “#” symbol indicates that the active, or asserted state, occurs when the signal is at a low voltage level. When “#” is not present, the signal is asserted when at a high voltage level. Differential pairs are indicated by trailing ‘P’ and ‘N’ for the positive or negative signal.

The following terminology is used to describe columns for the tables located below.

Term Describtion
I Input
O Output
I/O Bi-directional Input/Output Pin
3V3 I/O type: CMOS 3.3V
power Power supply pin
USB Universal Serial Bus differential pair signals In compliance with the Universal Serial Bus Specification 2.0
NC Not Connected
PU Pull-up resistor