4. Optional Debugging Connector

4.1. Debug Connector Signal Assignment

Pin Signal Description type I/O

Do not connect on the carrier board.

These pins are reserved for manufacturing purposes.

3 MFG_NC0    
5 BOOT[1] Module specific boot mode, refer to the processor datasheet. Boot from flash is selected, if these pins are not connected. (N/A on TX28) VDDIO I
9 GND      
11 #TRST   VDDIO  
13 TMS   VDDIO  
15 TDO   VDDIO  
17 TDI   VDDIO  
19 GND      
21 TCK   VDDIO  
23 GND      
25, 27, 29 NC      
2, 4, 6 … 28, 30 GND      

4.2. Debug connector location

Mates with Samtec FSI - 3mm Height, One Piece Interface, part no. FSI-115-03-G-D-AD

The SO-DIMM connector socket height has to be 5.2mm if the debug connector is used.