NXP Yocto BSP Guide

Supported Machines

  • TX8M Series
  • TX8P Series
  • QS8M Series
  • QSXM Series
  • QSXP Series

Current Release

NXP 5.10.72_2.2.0 KARO-2022-01-17 Hardknott

What’s New


  • Move Linux to NXP BSP 5.10.72_2.2.0 version
  • QSXP, TX8P: FIXED “mmc0: running CQE recovery” failure
  • Put IMAGE_FSTYPES_remove to distro where it belogs
  • TX8M: fix emmc missing strobe properties
  • uuu template creation improvements


  • Move Linux to NXP BSP 5.10.52_2.1.0 version
  • QSXP, TX8P: Workaround for “mmc0: running CQE recovery” failure


  • QS8M-MQ00, QSXM-MM60, TX8M-1610, TX8M-1620:
    • Fix softreboot after suspend-to-mem


  • QSXM, QSXP: Add Basler camera support for hardknott
  • different PCIe bugfixes (TX8M, QSXM, QSXP)
  • ath9k wifi support for tx8m i.mx8m mini modules on (mipi-)lvds-mb
  • add support for TX8M-1622 (headless version of TX8M-1620)
  • QSXP: fix usb hanging in reset


  • First Hardknott BSP version release
  • Full regulator support for i.MX8 processor series
  • Fix different issues from gatesgarth release:
    • QSXP PCIe misconfigured
    • Missing rootwait option in u-boot environment


Each build now produces an uuu.auto file and *-bootfs image for direct flashing to eMMC.

Known Issues

  • No display support in U-Boot - To be fixed by time
  • TX8M-1620:
    • Wakeup from suspend-to-mem does not work



  • Re-structure Devicetrees
  • Fix different i.MX8 ethernet issues
    • QSBASE2 & QSBASE3: no NFS root/negotiating 100Mbit sometimes
    • TX8M: Finally fix link up/down error
  • QSXP,TX8P: Fix suspend/resume issues
  • All i.MX8 modules: Fix PMIC support
  • Update u-boot and imx-atf to newest NXP release version


  • Yocto Gatesgarth Release
  • Full Ka-Ro i.MX8 product range support
  • Updated kernel version to 5.10.9 linux-imx
  • New mipi-to-rgb display bridge support (Toshiba tc358867)
  • Added ‘libedgetpu’ recipe for Google Coral PCIe ML accelerator



  • Upgrade to 5.4.70_2.3.1 NXP Release
  • Add Machine Learning image to Ka-Ro images


  • Full support of new TX8P-ML81 module

    • on TX-Mainboard 7
    • on LVDS Mainboard
  • Upgrade Kernel to linux-imx_5.4.70-2.3.0 version

  • Support integration of Basler Camera layers for new GA Release


  • Make npm / nodejs usage possible
  • Update some recipes to enable nodejs electron framework usage


  • QSXM-MM60 Basler daA2500-60mci Camera Support


  • Full QSXM-MM60 on QSBASE3 Support

    • Laird WiFi / BT module Support
    • Raspi Display Support


  • Full QSXP-ML81 on QSBASE3 Support

    • Laird WiFi / BT module Support
    • Raspi Display Support
    • Basler daA3840-30mc Camera Support


  • QS8M-MQ00 Raspi Camera Support (DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " imx219")
  • QSXP WiFi Support (DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " wifi")


  • QT5 support with karo-image-qt5 for cross-compilation with QT Creator


  • Kernel Version linux-imx 5.4.47
  • U-Boot Version 20.04
  • QS8M-ND00 support
  • QSX modules beta support
  • Integrated Karo Distro layer makes using karo-images possible, like in Mainline BSP
  • Fitted PMIC voltages according to NXP update
  • Finally supporting multiple U-Boot / imx-boot builds when calling one bitbake target


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