NXP Yocto BSP Guide


Latest Release Versions

Detailed release notes can be seen by reading the layers’ commit messages.

Module Series

Kernel Version

BSP Version

  • QS93 Series (i.MX 93 A1)

  • TX93 Series (i.MX 93 A1)

  • TX8M Series

  • TX8P Series

  • QS8M Series

  • QSXM Series

  • QSXP Series

Linux 6.1.36

KARO-2024-03-12 Mickledore


  • QS93 Series (i.MX 93 A0)

  • TX93 Series (i.MX 93 A0)

Linux 6.1.1

KARO-2023-11-14 Langdale