SD Interface


Pin Signal Description type I/O
36 SD_CD SD Card Detect – connected to a GPIO 3V3 I
38 SD_D0 SD Data bidirectional signals 3V3 I/O
37 SD_D1
42 SD_D2
41 SD_D3
40 SD_CMD SD Command bidirectional signal 3V3 I/O
39 SD_CLK SD Output Clock. 3V3 O

The QS standard pinout provides one dedicated SD interface.

SD-Card example diagram

Either the use of the processor internal pullups or the use of pullups on the baseboard is possible.

QSCOM Standard Contact Group Index

Pins Funktion Pins Funktion Pins Funktion Pins Funktion
1-4 SPI 19-35 Ethernet 49-52 Power Supply, Reset and Boot mode 79-88 MIPI/LVDS Display Interface
5-10 I2C 36-39 SD Interface 53-76 18-bit RGB Display Interface 89-96 UART
11-14 CAN 43-48 USB 77-78 Backlight and Display Control 97-100 SPI