U-Boot Commands

A full an complete command line reference is available at the

The U-Boot Documentation

specifically here (Use U-Boot -> Shell commands).

Subsequently are some of the most important commands of U‑Boot being described.

Using the help (or ?) command will print a list of all available commands for the system, also help <command> (or ? <command>) will show the specifics for each single command.

All commands can be abbreviated to the shortest string that uniquely identifies each command or sub‑command, e.g.:

  • pr for printenv

  • res for reset

Furthermore, U‑Boot will auto-complete the commands by pressing the TAB key. Respectively it will complete to the least common denominator and show a list of commands, while allowing to auto-complete step-by-step.

The features of U‑Boot are configurable and can depend on the CoM series basis, such that some TX Series CoM might present the user different availability of commands. Ka‑Ro strives to configure U‑Boot to the highest possible commonalities. Please also use the

help (or ?) command to find out more about your configuration’s commands.

Also note that above described feature-set is subject to change and defined at compile time.


Most U‑Boot commands expect numbers to be entered in hexadecimal input format (exceptions where noted). A leading 0x prefix is not required.