Adding Custom Files

Custom files can be added on top of the basic installation. With this it’s possible to add only a part without corrupting the basic mechanism. Files of these categories can be added separately:

  • U-Boot
  • DTB
  • Linux Kernel
  • RFS
  • Linux Modules
  • Splash Image
  • Environment
  • Windows Image

MfgToolSetup.bat searches for files in dedicated folders. A custom folder exists in every profile separately:


Put your files in there and start MfgToolSetup.bat to add them to your cfg.ini. Follow the file name rules below.

Type Filename Match Supported Formats Remarks
U-Boot u-boot .bin  
DTB *.dtb    
Kernel uImage uimage  
Rootfs *.tgz *.bz2 *.tar .tgz .bz2 .tar Filename does not include “modules”””
Modules modules .tgz .bz2  
Splash *.bmp 8-bpp / 24-bppBitmap  
Environment *.env text See below
Windows *.bin *.nb0 NK.bin / NK.nb0 not available in TX6UL profile

Environment settings

Environment settings can be added or overridden by definitions listed in a custom .env file. Put a name and value on each line like this:



It doesn’t matter which kind of line breaks are used, MfgToolSetup.bat converts it to LF-only line endings. In addition to this leading and trailing spaces are omitted preventing from a suspect behaviour of U-Boot later.

Change mtdparts - NAND partition layout

With MfgTool version 2016-12 it is also possible to change the rootfs partition size simply by redefining the mtdparts environment variable in a custom .env file. The rootfs UBI filesystem will be initialised accordingly.

The default partition layout looks like this:

device nand0 <gpmi-nand>, # parts = 7
 #: name                size            offset          mask_flags
 0: u-boot              0x00100000      0x00020000      0
 1: env                 0x00060000      0x00120000      0
 2: linux               0x00600000      0x00180000      0
 3: rootfs              0x02000000      0x00780000      0
 4: userfs              0x05780000      0x02780000      0
 5: dtb                 0x00080000      0x07f00000      0
 6: bbt                 0x00080000      0x07f80000      1

This layout is defined by:


The total usable space of 122368k is occupied by 32m(rootfs) and 89600k(userfs). Lets as an example increase the rootfs size to 64m and add a logo partition of 1m. In this case the size of the userfs partition has be reduced by 33*1024k => 89600k-33792k=55808k: