3.13. CMOS Sensor Interface

Pin Signal Description type I/O
103-110 CSI1_D Sensor port data (8 bit) VDDIO I
112 CSI1_HSYNC Sensor port horizontal sync VDDIO I
113 CSI1_VSYNC Sensor port vertical sync VDDIO I
114 CSI1_PIXCLK Sensor port data latch clock VDDIO I
115 CSI1_MCLK Sensor port master clock VDDIO O
Module Remark
TX28 The TX28 has no camera interface. Refer to TX28 datasheet for alternate usage.

The CMOS Sensor Interface (CSI) enables the chip to connect directly to external CMOS image sensors. CMOS image sensors are separated into two classes, dumb and smart. Dumb sensors are those that support only traditional sensor timing (Vertical SYNC and Horizontal SYNC) and output only Bayer and statistics data, while smart sensors support CCIR656 video decoder formats and perform additional processing of the image (for example, image compression, image pre-filtering, and various data output formats).

The standard CSI can support to connect one 8-bit sensor.