Mainline BSP


This guide refers to Images built with Yocto Mainline BSP.

Our Yocto Images support different features of the module.


Sleep Mode / Low Power


To wake up the system after suspend, different wakeup sources can be defined.

To find all possible wakeup properties run:

find /sys/devices -name wakeup

EXAMPLE - Enabling Serial UART as wakeup source:

echo enabled > /sys/devices/platform/soc/1004b800.serial/tty/ttySC0/power/wakeup

Suspending the System

This command suspends the device:

echo mem > /sys/power/state

You can then wakeup via desired wakeup device.


Test the GPU

GLmark2 will only run smooth on processors having a GPU.

glmark2-es2-wayland --fullscreen