Configuring the network


Setting up the network on a COM and then saving the environment with saveenv will save this state of the network setup (IP address, netmask, gateway, …) in the U-Boot environment for future boot/reset.

It’s recommended to use saveenv before any network setup or to rely upon the fact that terminal programs can execute scripts to set up required/wanted/changed variables in an test/development environment.


If autoload is unset (or true) U‑Boot will try to load the file specified in the variable bootfile from the default TFTP server as determined from the variable serverip or via bootp / dhcp options.

The variable serverip is set automatically to the BOOTP/DHCP server by the bootp/dhcp command.


If the file cannot be found or the bootp/dhcp command is aborted with CTRL + C the network is left unconfigured.


To configure the network via DHCP or BOOTP use the command bootp/dhcp as follows:

  • Prevent automatic loading of image files:

    setenv autoload no

  • Configure network:


Successful execution of the commands yields an output message similar to the following example:

BOOTP broadcast 1
BOOTP broadcast 2
BOOTP broadcast 3
DHCP client bound to address (1105 ms)

Manual IP

To configure the ethernet manually, please see of the U‑Boot documentation: Environment Variables