Getting started

This is the right place for you if you’re new to our products.

With the documentations provided below, you will be able to quickly do the necessary connections to your evaluation kit and install a preconfigured operating system image for a rapid start of application development.

Module Image Quickstart guide Flashtools
QS8M QSBASE2 StarterKit
QS8M QSBASE2 Evaluation Kit UUU - Universal Update Utility
QSMP QSBASE1 Evaluation Kit STM32CubeProgrammer Setup
TXMP on Mainboard 7
TXMP on Mainboard 7 STM32CubeProgrammer Setup
TX6 and TXUL on Mainboard 7
TX6 and TXUL on Mainboard 7 MFG-Tool Setup
TX8M StarterKit
TX8M StarterKit UUU - Universal Update Utility
TX6UL EvalKit
TX6UL Evaluation Kit MFG-Tool Setup