Machine Learning Guide


Our newest QSXP-ML81 CoM with the NXP i.MX8M Plus processor comes with a Machine-Learning-Unit (MLU) on-board.

There are different Machine Learning demos you can run on the processor’s NPU.

Further information can be read at the i.MX Machine Learning User’s Guide

Demo Video

Precompiled Images

Module Precompiled Image Description
QSXP-ML81 qsxp-ml81-ml in Download Area Machine Learning Demo Image.
TX8P-ML81 tx8p-ml81-ml in Download Area Machine Learning Demo Image.
QSXP-ML81 qsxp-ml81-basler in Download Area Machine Learning Demo Image with Basler Camera support.

Yocto Setup

For creating the neccessary RootFS, a complete Yocto build environment is required.

Depending on your module choose the correct guide - if not already set up.


QSXP, TX8P use NXP Yocto BSP Guide

  1. Setup the Yocto build-directory as described in the Yocto guide for your machine. Use the following values:
  • DISTRO=karo-xwayland
  • MACHINE=<desired-machine>
  1. Compile the image.
bitbake karo-image-ml


If you want to compile the image with basler camera support, follow the additional steps described at Basler Camera.

Then compile:

bitbake karo-image-basler


We recommnd using PyeIQ.

PyeIQ is written on top of eIQ™ ML Software Development Environment and provides a set of Python classes allowing the user to run Machine Learning applications in a simplified and efficiently way without spending time on cross-compilations, deployments or reading extensive guides.


Follow the instructions on the PyeIQ webpage to install and run it on your target.