You are able to integrate Chromium into your image to get a graphics-accelerated browser on your i.MX8.

Set up your build-directory with these settings:

DISTRO=karo-xwayland MACHINE=<machine> source -b <build-dir>

Inside your build directory append this line to conf/local.conf:

CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "chromium-ozone-wayland"

Build our Weston image:

bitbake karo-image-weston

When your build has finished, flash your module with the image. See UUU - Universal Update Utility.

Running Chromium

When booting your previously flashed module, the Weston comes up.

Plug a USB-hub into your StarterKit’s USB host port and insert keyboard, mouse and/or touchscreen.

Open the terminal (icon in top-left corner), or connect via the Terminal from your host computer.

The desktop comes up as user root, so you have to start Chromium with an extra argument.


chromium --no-sandbox