You are able to integrate Chromium into your image to get a graphics-accelerated browser on your i.MX based module.

Set up your build-directory with these settings:

     DISTRO=karo-xwayland MACHINE=<machine> source -b <build-dir>

Inside your build directory append this line to conf/local.conf:

CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "chromium-ozone-wayland"

Build our Weston image:

bitbake karo-image-weston

When your build has finished, flash your module with the image. See UUU - Universal Update Utility.

Running Chromium

When booting your previously flashed module, the Weston comes up.

Plug a USB-hub into your StarterKit’s USB host port and insert keyboard, mouse and/or touchscreen.

Open the terminal (icon in top-left corner), or connect via the Terminal from your host computer.

The desktop comes up as user root, so you have to start Chromium with an extra argument.

On the target run:

chromium --no-sandbox