Yocto Guide

Choosing the right Guide

The table below will help you to decide which guide to use, depending on the module you want to use. In this guides, the right BSP is written down, so you don’t have to worry about it.


If you’re new to Yocto we recommend reading the respective section below before you continue choosing a guide.

Module Kernel Version Yocto Release Version Usage Guide Supported Build Hosts
  • TX8M Series
  • TX8P Series
  • QS8M Series
  • QSXM Series
  • QSXP Series
Forked NXP Kernel [6]
Kirkstone Kirkstone Reference Manual
  • QSRZ Series
  • TXRZ Series
Linux 5.10.145
Renesas Kernel [7]
+ Ka-Ro patches
  • QSMP Series
  • TXMP Series
Linux 5.15.24
Mainline [3] + STM patches
  • TX6 Series
  • TXUL Series
Linux 5.10.61
Mainline [3]
Hardknott Hardknott Reference Manual

For all BSPs

Legacy Yocto

These Yocto are still available but these are deprecated, please use the above given new ones.

Module Kernel Version Yocto Release Guide Supported Build Hosts
  • QSMP Series
  • TXMP Series
STM32MP Kernel [4]
Thud Thud Reference Manual
  • TX6 Series
  • TXUL Series
  • TX8M Series
  • QS8M Series
NXP Kernel [5]
Sumo Sumo Reference Manual
  • TX6 Series
  • TXUL Series
Mainline LTS [3]
Rocko Rocko Reference Manual

If you’re new to Yocto

This is our Yocto Guide. First, lets explain some terms:

  • BSP - Board Support Package:

    A Board Support Package (BSP) is a collection of information that defines how to support a particular hardware device, set of devices, or hardware platform. The BSP includes information about the hardware features present on the device and kernel configuration information along with any additional hardware drivers required. The BSP also lists any additional software components required in addition to a generic Linux software stack for both essential and optional platform features. [1]

  • BSP-Layer:

    See section 1.1 in the official Yocto documentation of the Hardknott Release for the Mainline base BSP and Kirkstone Release for the NXP based BSP.

  • Recipe:

    Recipes (.bb files) are fundamental components in the Yocto Project environment. Each software component built by the OpenEmbedded build system requires a recipe to define the component. [2]

On GitHub we are providing different BSP’s and layers. The following table should give you an overview.

Repository Type Description
karo-bsp BSP Ka-Ro’s Mainline Yocto BSP for boards.
meta-karo Layer Ka-Ro’s Mainline Yocto layer for our CoMs.
meta-karo-distro Layer Ka-Ro’s Mainline Yocto Distro layer.
karo-nxp-bsp BSP Ka-Ro flavoured NXP i.MX Yocto BSP.
meta-karo-nxp Layer Ka-Ro’s Yocto layer for NXP i.MX Processors based boards.
meta-karo-nxp-distro Layer Ka-Ro’s NXP Yocto Distro layer.


[1]Further information: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/3.0.2/bsp-guide/bsp-guide.html
[2]From: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/3.0.2/dev-manual/dev-manual.html#new-recipe-writing-a-new-recipe
[3](1, 2, 3) From Kernel.org / git
[4]As given by STM’s Yocto - STM kernel recipe
[5]As given by NXP’s 4.14 Yocto - NXP kernel recipe
[6]Forked from NXP’s linux-imx Kernel - https://github.com/karo-electronics/karo-tx-linux/tree/lf-5.15.y-karo
[7]Renesas Kernel Repo mostly matching Mainline Kernel - https://github.com/renesas-rz/rz_linux-cip/tree/rz-5.10-cip17