3.12. Digital Audio Ports

Pin Signal Description type I/O
83 89 SSI1_INT SSI2_INT Interrupt    
84 90 SSI1_RXD SSI2_RXD Receive serial data    
85 91 SSI1_TXD SSI2_TXD Transmit serial data    
86 92 SSI1_CLK SSI2_CLK Serial clock    
87 93 SSI1_FS SSI2_FS Frame Sync    
Module Remark
TX28S, TX48 Only one SSI port available, SSI2 pins are not connected.
TX28, TX28S On this module the SSI is a half-duplex serial port.

The SSI is a full-duplex, serial port that allows the chip to communicate with a variety of serial devices. These serial devices can be standard CODer-DECoder (CODECs), Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), microprocessors, peripherals, and popular industry audio CODECs that implement the inter-IC sound bus standard (I2S) standard.

SSI is typically used to transfer samples in a periodic manner. The SSI consists of independent transmitter and receiver sections with independent clock generation and frame synchronization.

Audio Codec example: