Installation of the Renesas Software packages

The Renesas RZ/G2L CM33 Multi-OS Package is the software package consisting of RZ/G2L Cortex®-M33 Flexible Software Package (FSP) as software package for Renesas MCU with Arm® Cortex®-M33 Core and OpenAMP as standardization API of framework for interprocessor communication for developing multi OS solution.

The Renesas Flexible Software Package (FSP) is an optimized software package designed to provide easy to use, scalable, high quality software for embedded system design. The primary goal is to provide lightweight, efficient drivers that meet common use cases in embedded systems.

To install the FSP download the manual Getting Started with Flexible Software Package and follow the installation instructions.

After FSP is installed, you can download the RZ/G2L CM33 Multi-OS Package from here .

Start the e² studio and load the CM33 Sample Program project.