This guide describes how to flash a Debian Stretch Root Filesystem with MFGTool.

  1. Go to our Download Area and download the (if you don’t have it already).
  2. Also download
  3. Unpack the custom folder.

Mfgtools-TX6-2018-08-DEBIAN-STRETCH contains a custom folder which can be copied onto an existing Mfgtools-TX6-2018-08 installation.

  1. Start MfgToolSetup


Use MfgToolSetup to set up with the options listed below. General instructions how to set up MFGTool are shown at Mfgtool.


Choose debian.env. This file includes the required environment settings:

bootcmd_mmc=setenv autostart no;run bootargs_mmc;ext2load mmc 0 ${kerneladdr} vmlinuz
bootz_cmd=bootz ${kerneladdr} - ${fdtaddr}
bootcmd=run bootcmd_${boot_mode} bootz_cmd
default_bootargs=setenv bootargs console=ttymxc0,115200 rw quiet panic=1 ${append_bootargs}
  • Debian uses ext4 for the rootfs and needs it to be writeable.
  • ${kerneladdr} is automatically added by MfgTool 8MiB below ${loadaddr}
  • bootz is used instead of bootm


Choose a dtb which matches your module and baseboard:

DTB filename Used for
imx6q-tx6-nand TX6Q-1030, TX6Q-1130
imx6q-tx6-emmc TX6Q-1036
imx6dl-tx6-nand TX6U-8030/8130, TX6S-8034/8134
imx6dl-tx6-emmc TX6U-8033/8133, TX6S-8035/8135
imx6qp-tx6-emmc TX6Q-8037/8137
imx6ul-txul-nand TXUL-5010
imx6ul-txul-emmc TXUL-5011
imx6ull-txul-emmc TXUL-8013

Kernel and kernel modules

Choose the right kernel. The file naming is the same as for DTB above.


Choose: rootfs.tar