3.14. Extended and 2nd CMOS Sensor Interface (TX51, TX53 and TX6 only)

Pin Signal Description type I/O
161-164 CSI1_D[8-11] Sensor port data (4 bit) VDDIO I
152-159 CSI2_D[12-19] 2nd Sensor port data VDDIO I
151 CSI2_HSYNC 2nd Sensor port horizontal sync VDDIO I
150 CSI2_VSYNC 2nd Sensor port vertical sync VDDIO I
149 CSI2_PIXCLK 2nd Sensor port data latch clock VDDIO I
148 CSI2_MCLK 2nd Sensor port master clock VDDIO O
Module Remark
TX25, TX27, TX28, TX48 Not available – other module specific functions are used on these pins.

TX51 and TX53 provide a second camera interface and four additional data bits for the first camera interface. The complete interface is available on the module specific section of the TX-Standard pinout.