TV out (TX51, TX53 only)

Pin Signal Description type I/O
168 TVDAC_IOB Triple Video Digital-to-Analog Converter (TVDAC); supports HD720p/1080p, PAL/NTSC or VGA output for direct connection to TV or LCD projector. analog O
169 TVDAC_IOG analog O
170 TVDAC_IOR analog O

Rset = 1.05 kΩ ±1%, resistor on TVDAC_VREF pin to GND.

A 75-Ω termination is already done on the module:


TV Encoder Recommendations [1]

Use the following recommendations for the TV encoder.

  • For the TV/VGA interface, the IOR, IOG, and IOB signals must have 75-Ω imepedance.
[1]Freescale i.MX53 System Development User’s Guide, MX53UG, Chap. 2.7