UUU USB Failures

UUU exits without displaying anything

This indicates that your system is missing the libusb-1.0.dll required to run UUU. Put it right in place with uuu.exe.

The most current version of UUU already includes libusb. It is recommended to upgrade to the most current version, available at the NXP’s MFGTool v3 (i.e. UUU) Releases page @ github


Also be aware that the uuu.exe if put in the PATH can be used system wide without relying on the included in UUU packages. This should be the preferred method.

Wait for Known USB Device Appear

If you’ve already connected the board with your computer, pressing the RESET button might help. Also ensure you have set the bootmode jumper, for more see here: Enabling USB-Bootmode


Just run UUU again without resetting the board. We don’t know why this happens, it seems to be a problem with uuu itself.