3.1. Power Supply

Pin Signal Description type I/O
1-4 VDDIN Module power supply input (observe DIMM socket contact current rating) power I
5-7 VDDIO 1.8V or 3.3V I/O power supply output This output can be used for the module side supply of level shifters or for peripherals which are operated at the VDDIO voltage level. power O
Module Remark
TX27 VDDIO=1.8V max. 900mA
TX51 max. 200mA
TXSD max. 200mA
TX28S VDDIO=3.3V max. 20mA
TX25, TX28 max. 200mA
TX48, TX53 max. 900mA
TX6 max. 300mA
TX8M max. 900mA
TXMP max. 300mA
9-12 VDD33 +3.3V Power supply output power 0
Module Remark
TX27 max. 1A
TXSD max. 200mA
TX25, TX28, TX48, TX53, TX6, TX8M, TXMP VDDIO and VDD33 are connected on the module. Refer to ratings above.
18,26,32,39,50,58,71,82, 88,94,102,111,116,129, 142,147,160,171,200 GND      

TX modules operates on a single supply and provide regulated power supply outputs to the baseboard.


The use of level shifters on the baseboard to interface to 3.3V logic allows for universal module selection, because the voltage is automatically translated between VDDIO (1.8V or 3.3V) and VDD33 (3.3V) levels. Level shifters can be omitted on 3.3V only modules like the TX25, but in that case it’s not possible to use 1.8V modules anymore.