Basler Camera


Basler camera layers are only supported with the NXP-BSP Zeus release at the moment.

Module Camera
QSXM-MM60 Basler daA2500-60mci
QSXP-ML81 Basler daA3840-30mc

To compile a Yocto image with the Camera enabled follow the steps below.

Build Directory

Set up your Yocto build-directory with these settings:

DISTRO=karo-xwayland MACHINE=<machine> source -b <build-dir>

Basler Layers

Download the Basler Yocto Layers package you need.

Module Layers
QSXM-MM60 i.MX8 CEP v1.6.0

Unzip the file and copy the two folders meta-basler-imx8 and meta-basler-tools to your BSP sources directory, where the other layers are present.

To make the layers available for your build, append the following two lines to your <build-dir>/conf/bblayers.conf file.

BBLAYERS += "${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-basler-imx8"
BBLAYERS += "${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-basler-tools/meta-basler-common"

Patching Basler Layers

The Basler layers have to be patched to fit our needs.



Download our basler-layers-fit-for-karo-images-qsxp.patch and apply it inside your BSP sources directory as follows.



Download our basler-layers-fit-for-karo-images-qsxm.patch and apply it inside your BSP sources directory as follows.

cd /karo-nxp-bsp/sources/
patch -p1 < basler-layers-fit-for-karo-images-qsx(m|p).patch


Since the Kernel source differs when using the Basler layers, the .dtb only compiles while including them.

To build the devicetree within your image, append these two lines to your conf/local.conf:

KERNEL_DEVICETREE_append_qsxp = " freescale/imx8mp-qsxp-ml81-qsbase3-basler.dtb"
KERNEL_DEVICETREE_append_qsxm = " freescale/imx8mp-qsxm-mm60-qsbase3-basler.dtb"

Building Image

When everything set up you can build the Image including Camera support.

bitbake karo-image-basler

When your build has finished, flash your module with the image. See UUU - Universal Update Utility.


Go to: Software Documentation -> QSXP -> Camera Guide