Create your own machine inside the OpenSTLinux Yocto project

With the device trees generated by CubeMx it is possible to setup your own machine inside the OpenSTLinux yocto distribution.

This approach is described in detail in the document How to create your own machine.

Please note, the CubeMx project - available in our customer download - also contains a sample .conf file.

Just copy that to the layers/meta-st/meta-st-stm32mp-addons/conf/machine folder.

Open the .conf file and edit the path to your device trees - stored in the variable CUBEMX_PROJECT, as mentioned in the above document at the end of chapter 3.2.

To config and build your Linux do the following:

cd <path of yocto installation>
BUILD_DIR=build-qsmp-1570 MACHINE=stm32mp1-qsmp1570-qsbase1 DISTRO=openstlinux-weston source layers/meta-st/scripts/
bitbake st-image-weston